Our standard cakes are 4-5 inches in height but can also be made in extended height (6-7”) or double barrel (8-9”). Your cake will include a cutting guide to explain how to correctly cut your cake to get the most serves.

Every cake that is made by All Things Cake is baked from scratch using quality ingredients, for example Callebaut Belgian chocolate and free-range eggs. Our cakes are baked and decorated in my dedicated cake studio/kitchen that is registered with the council. I hold a food safety certificate and am fully insured. I pride myself on creating high quality products that taste DELICIOUS!


Please note these are basic starting prices only, price will vary from cake to cake depending on the final design. Flowers, cake toppers, edible images and fondant decorations etc. are usually additional.

Feel free to submit a custom cake enquiry or email me for a detailed quote




Mini                                   from $35 per 2 dozen (1 colour/1 flavour)

Standard                           from $40 per dozen

Deluxe piping                   from $50 per dozen


Edible image/embossed fondant disc toppers      $1.50 each

Acrylic cupcake toppers                                          $2.50 each

Servings below are based on dessert sized pieces (2” x 1” x 4”).

Coffee serves (1” x 1” x 4”) will give you double the serves listed.

Round cakes:





Number Cakes      serves 15-20       from $125

2 Tier Cakes  

5” + 7”          serves 25 dessert/48 coffee             from $250

6” + 8”         serves 36 dessert/72 coffee              from $290

3 Tier Cakes

6” + 8” + 10”    serves 76 dessert/148 coffee      from $520


Acrylic toppers from $15

Personalised toppers from $25

serves 8              

serves 12

serves 17

serves 24

serves 38

from $100            from $120           

from $140            from $160            from $200             

5 inch

6 inch

7 inch

8 inch

10 inch

Opening Hours

All Things Cake is a home-based council registered business operating from my private cake studio, so we are open by appointment only for pickups.

Local delivery is also available.

Wedding cakes will include delivery and setup at the venue.

Thank you so much Penny, the cake was so beautiful and tasted amazing xxx